Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like my images?

To avoid any possibility of you not liking your images, I strongly advise you browse through my photos and make sure you like what you see. Does my style fit with what you're looking for? If not then unfortunately I am not the photographer for you, and that's ok! If we were all the same it would be pretty boring! If you are unhappy after receiving your images I will talk with you about what it is you are unhappy about. Re-shoots will be discussed on a case by case basis.

My dog isn't trained enough to have photos like these!


I work with all different types of dogs from senior to puppy and they all have different levels of training, if at all! Some sit still and some won't. Unlike a camera phone, I am able to freeze a split second of a moment creating a portrait that will shock you! Working with all different kinds of dogs I have accumulated a number of secret weapons to get your dogs attention. People may stare but it works! I've even successfully photographed a deaf dog!

My dog would run if I took his leash off !

Here is a little secret... we can have a completely successful session and gorgeous images with your dog leashed the entire time! Majority of the dogs I photograph are on a leash and with a little magic I can make them completely disappear! I carry a 50 foot lead for action shots so there are really no limitations to your images.

Have I convinced you yet??

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