Professional photographers are so expensive!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I have decided, for many reasons, to clear up some of things that people say about hiring a professional photographer. I can't tell you how many times I've been contacted about a photo session and people tell me that its too expensive or they found someone cheaper. It's something I hear a lot and I will probably always hear it moving forward. I am never upset or hurt because at the end of the day there are many people that value what I do and what I provide for them and those are my clients. We become friends and create amazing memories and have an awesome time! They cry when they receive their images and thank me a million times over. I do this job for that reason. I receive overjoyed gratitude and the humbling feeling giving something to someone that means everything. But, it is also my business and I take that very seriously. If you're a skeptic wondering if it is worth booking with a professional photographer, read on to hear 3 common reasons why people choose to avoid them and why you should re think that decision!


To some people we may look expensive but we do not run our business for free either. We need to make a living too! There many expenses that we have to cover to do our job and deliver amazing images to our clients. Before I even opened my business I invested in over $5,000 in equipment! There are also monthly and yearly subscriptions we pay for. Things like editing software, website domains and services, insurance, invoicing and business management services and paying sales tax on any services or products we sell. It all adds up and we still have to pay these things despite our slow time of year. Photographers invest in their business because we love our jobs. We still need to pay our bills and put food on our tables just as much as everyone else! That is why I provide my clients with an unforgettable experience and strive everyday to make it better! I, specifically, am 100% self taught and I didn't just get to where I am by grabbing the first camera I saw and start booking clients. I spent years watching videos, asking questions, posing friends and family and practicing everyday learning my gear for years to develop my craft. Hiring a photographer is an investment. You are investing in putting all the hard work into a professionals hands. You are investing in their experience and the experience we provide to our clients. You are investing in displaying memories of your family and loving pets in your home that you can cherish forever!