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Haute Couture "Chanel" || Rendez-Vous Farm

On April 16th, 2019 I had the absolute pleasure to photograph one of the most stunning mares. Chanel, a gorgeous dapple grey, is a seasoned show jumper owned and loved by Caroline Mercier, owner of Rendez-Vous Farm in Ashford, CT.

This Black Background Session went flawlessly. She was such a natural poser in front of the lens and made every angle look good. Don't be fooled by her soft eye and sweet expressions... this mare is as independent as they come! We would try posing her one way and she would look and strike a pose in another direction.

It was a true pleasure working with Caroline and Chanel at her gorgeous facilities. I look forward to working more with the Rendez-Vous Farm Family and their gorgeous horses.

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