Updated: Feb 27, 2019

At 83 pounds, this 4 year old Catahoula Hound mix has been in a foster home for almost 3 years! With the most adorable chocolate dipped ears, piercing blue eyes and probably one of the best sniffing noses around, Knox has been waiting patiently for someone to give him the life he deserves. He was found in Mississippi wondering the woods and was taken in by the wonderful rescue Wings Of Freedom. Because of irresponsible breeding of the double merle gene, Knox has been deaf all his life. He has adapted very well to his other sight and smell senses but needs a home that understands his needs. His foster home loves him dearly but they selflessly made the tough decision they are not the right fit for this handsome and loving dog. Catahoulas need constant stimulation and exercise. They are a working breed and Knox’s foster mom knows she can not provide him with the lifestyle for him to truly be a happy dog.

Even though he cannot hear, Knox is very in tune with his surroundings and depends on feeling vibrations, smelling changes in the air and his eye sight to navigate and assess his surroundings. He is looking for a family with a big window and a chair to call his own. When he is in his home he spends most of his time gazing out "his" window and watching the world go by. He is actually a better watch dog then his hearing foster brother is! Because Knox is so active, he is desperately looking for someone that can take him on adventures and give him a consistent job. He would actually make a great scent detection dog as he wants and loves to use his sniffer and sounds do not distract him.

Participating in barn hunts would be this guys dream!

Knox has had a rough past and desires to be with his family most of the day. He does fine at home for a short time but he is not a dog that likes being alone. Hes loves kids but because of his size and the fact that he is deaf, older children would be better. He does great with other dogs and would do best having a canine companion but cats are much to fun for Knox not to chase. Even though Knox is 4, he would really benefit from training with a professional dog trainer. He is not a bad dog but because he is deaf its best to work alongside a trainer that can help you communicate to Knox with out the use of words. He is not the type of dog you can allow off leash as he would not hear the danger of an oncoming car, so a fenced yard would be ideal for this boy.

During Knox’s photo session, I could instantly tell that he lives to be outside. He was very polite when greeting me and did not jump or push into me. He just wanted to sniff! It was definitely a challenge at first because you become so used to getting a dogs attention through sounds. It was the first time I had photographed a deaf dog. Towards the end of our session I was lying on the ground waving my arms around to capture just one of him looking right at the camera. He finally turned right towards me and stayed there for a couple seconds. He then lowered his head, walked right up to me and licked my nose just once. I seriously melted! It was the most adorable thing and it was almost like he was saying “Did you get the shot? Ok, thank you. I’m done now.” And he was right I got the shot I wanted and he got to sniff his way back to the car following our previously walked footsteps. He is a real sweetie and really deserves an understanding, committed and active family to call his own!

If you are interested in adopting Knox, Please Contact Wings Of Freedom Animal Rescue at 860-942-9871 or emailing them at wofarinc@gmail.com

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