Fine Art Portraits

Equine Fine Art Portraits are one of the most requested sessions in the horse world! No surprise there, they are absolutely stunning! These images look incredible hanging on the walls of your home and you will have all your visitors gushing over how amazing they are.


Book 4 or more black background sessions at the same location and each person will receive an additional $100 product credit!

Glam up your ponies for a day of fun!

Low Key

Low Key, also known as Black Background, is most common and desired. These portraits pack a punch of drama and elegance that will wow all your visitors!

High Key 

High key, or white background, flows well in open and brighter styled homes with lots of natural light! A simplistic and polished feel with out any distractions! 

Color Pop

Do you love matching decor and complimenting colors in your home? Add a pop of color for a unique and exquisite wall piece to coordinate any room perfectly!

Preparing for a Black Background Session


Horses should be clean and stain free before the session. Short summer coats are ideal for best possible results. Adding a small amount of shows sheen will make them really shine. Body clipped coats will not have the same look as a naturally shed out coat. They can appear to be a different color and not appear as smooth. Their manes may be left down for a more laid back natural look. Braiding or banding will result in a very elegant, done up look. If you decide on braiding or banding your horse it is highly recommended that they are done evenly and as tight as possible. A small amount of oil can also be applied to eyes and muzzle as well as black or clear hoof polish for a clean and print worthy work of art!


Bridles, halters and a naked face are all options for Black Background portraits. All tack should be cleaned and bits wiped down as if you are getting ready for a show. Reins may be left over the horses neck or removed depending on your preference. A neck rope may be used to control your horse if you would like them to have a naked face. Saddles may be used if desired.


To produce the best possible images you should have a barn with a doorway to an aisle or indoor arena. A garage will also work well. The horse will be placed at the threshold of the entrance avoiding any harsh sunlight beaming in. Aisle ways should be swept or raked and clear avoiding water or hoof polish spills prior to the session. Lights will be shut off and any doors behind the horse will be closed creating the black background effect. Placing them outside in front of a large white barn door/wall or open field/arena with clear view of the sky will allow for a high key portrait.


Posing is one of the key elements of producing great images. As your photographer, I have the knowledge of knowing what will look good and what will not. Keeping your horses feet square but visible is important. Having a second person nearby to help place feet and  get ears up is helpful and will keep the session short and stress free for the horse. Bags, treats, stick horses, recorded horses noises and a mirror can really get a horse interested and curious. Necks should be stretched low and arched for most breeds and various angles will result in some very fun and appealing images.

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