Meet Kayla

Raised as an only child for 10 years of my life, I've always connected deeply with animals and created strong bonds with them that no one really seemed to understand. Before becoming a mom of two human babies, I had dogs, horses, cats, rats, birds ... well you get the idea! I was a fur mom first and understand the deep impact they have on our lives. Connecting with people that have the same love for their animals makes going to work everyday so fulfilling! I want to know the story you share with your pet. I want to capture the raw beauty of your dog looking up at you with those big soulful eyes as you kiss their cute wet nose or how it felt to sit grazing your horse while you stare off at the disappearing sun over the horizon. 

Ok.... enough sappy talk! Why choose me?

Training Background

I have been training horses for 15 years specializing in starting colts and problem horses which makes it easy for me to photograph them safely and effectively. My previous job was working with dogs where I was trained to recognize dog behavior. I have always taken a lot of pride in training my own dogs and helping others with their dogs as well. Having a deep understanding of the animals I work with creates a great experience for you and your four legged bestie with endless possibilities!

In Loving Memory of Bonnie Blue


My first true love was my heart dog Bonnie. When I was 14, my parents surprised me with her and I am pretty sure I cried for a whole day because I just couldn't believe she was mine. She became my best friend and she never left my side. Every weekend we would be at the barn, rain or shine. She came on every single adventure with me no matter what. I would literally beg my mom to not leave her behind if we went somewhere. Most times when you grow up with a dog, they are the family dog. Well not Bonnie... she was my dog. She came with me when I moved out of my parents house. She was with me through all the struggles I faced as I figured out life. This dog was my life. 

A few years later I met my husband and few short years after that she started having some very strange issues. She started falling down the stairs and not able to jump on the couch so I became very concerned. The multiple vets we brought her to were stumped and we had no answers and no treatment for her decreasing mobility. A month later, at the young age of only 8, she lost complete use of her back end. She could not walk or use the bathroom on her own. She stopped eating and became very thin and lethargic. Her spunky spirit was gone and I was completely heartbroken and helpless. Nothing we tried helped her. I would take her to work with me and push her around in a cart because I could not leave her alone. In December of 2013 I made the painful choice to free her of her pain and suffering. Making the decision to let her go haunted me for a long time. I miss her every single day and my only regret is not having some great pictures of her and I together that really showed our deep love and bond. Our pets deserve a legacy and you deserve to remember them in their glory. I have worked hard and have a real passion to help pet lovers feel at peace and to relieve the pain of losing a best friend.

My four-legged sidekicks

Steele is our newest addition! He is a two year old, 110 pound Cane Corso. He is an incredible dog with an amazing amount of potential and intelligence. We currently train at a local PSA (protection sports association) Club and plan to compete in the future!

Our little guy Jango was rescued from a puppy mill. He definitely rules the other dogs in the house with his big dog attitude. He knows he gets away with more because he's small!

Sadie is our senior girl who is also a Cane Corso. Can you tell we love our big dogs? She is a great family dog who loves her little humans and takes her job of napping the sun very seriously.

Tonka is the mini pony I never had as a kid! He is an incredibly little pony that has taught some very valuable lessons and instilled responsibility in both my kids. He is worth his weight in gold and here to stay forever!

What's everyone saying?

I was so pleased with the experience of working with Rustic Pony Photography! She kept the experience fun and calm and I could not be happier with the end results! Scheduling was easy, the session was quick and easy, and the photos were completed and released to me much faster than I had expected. I booked her for 4 more horses as a result! So well worth it!

Stephanie F.


Such a pleasure to work with, genuine, provided clear direction, and immediately comfortable to be around. She was patient with both people and pups and her work speaks to the quality of service she provides. Highly recommend.

Dana E.

Working with Kayla was amazing! It can be pretty daunting to sign up for a two hour photo shoot with someone you have never met before, but Kayla was instantly engaging, warm, and friendly. I felt immediately comfortable with her and she helped so much with providing direction and advice for my horse and myself. It’s hard working with a 1000+ pound animal that would stop cooperating at times, but Kayla managed to capture the perfect moments. Even when my horse and myself started to get tired she was constantly motivating and would give us a sneak peek at the pictures we were taking to show us how great things were going. Her energy, love of photography, and attention to detail when editing pictures are all qualities hard to find in a professional photographer. I cannot recommend Kayla enough!

Rachel S.

Kayla is unlike any photographer I’ve worked with, she’s absolutely amazing at what she does. We had her come for black background photos and I was prepared for torture getting my gelding to cooperate but she made it so easy and fun. There wasn’t a single part of the session that made me stress out. She has the ability to work with a difficult situation and make it look absolutely magical in the end. You absolutely cannot go wrong in hiring her and her team for any of your photo shoots.

Emily K.