Raised as an only child for 10 years of my life, I've always connected deeply with animals and created strong bonds with them that no one really seemed to understand. Before becoming a mom of two human babies, I had dogs, horses, cats, rats, birds ... well you get the idea! I was a fur mom first and understand the deep impact they have on our lives. Connecting with people that have the same love for their animals makes going to work everyday so fulfilling! I want to know the story you share with your pet. I want to capture the raw beauty of your dog looking up at you with those big soulful eyes as you kiss their cute wet nose or how it felt to sit grazing your horse while you stare off at the disappearing sun over the horizon. 

I was so pleased with the experience of working with Rustic Pony Photography! She kept the experience fun and calm and I could not be happier with the end results! Scheduling was easy, the session was quick and easy, and the photos were completed and released to me much faster than I had expected. I booked her for 4 more horses as a result! So well worth it!

Stephanie F.


Such a pleasure to work with, genuine, provided clear direction, and immediately comfortable to be around. She was patient with both people and pups and her work speaks to the quality of service she provides. Highly recommend.

Dana E.

Working with Kayla was amazing! It can be pretty daunting to sign up for a two hour photo shoot with someone you have never met before, but Kayla was instantly engaging, warm, and friendly. I felt immediately comfortable with her and she helped so much with providing direction and advice for my horse and myself. It’s hard working with a 1000+ pound animal that would stop cooperating at times, but Kayla managed to capture the perfect moments. Even when my horse and myself started to get tired she was constantly motivating and would give us a sneak peek at the pictures we were taking to show us how great things were going. Her energy, love of photography, and attention to detail when editing pictures are all qualities hard to find in a professional photographer. I cannot recommend Kayla enough!

Rachel S.

Kayla is unlike any photographer I’ve worked with, she’s absolutely amazing at what she does. We had her come for black background photos and I was prepared for torture getting my gelding to cooperate but she made it so easy and fun. There wasn’t a single part of the session that made me stress out. She has the ability to work with a difficult situation and make it look absolutely magical in the end. You absolutely cannot go wrong in hiring her and her team for any of your photo shoots.

Emily K.

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